Saturday, 23 May 2015

Happy Easter!

I needed to take a plate to William's play group for Easter and I thought what a good chance to practise my cake decorating. So onto Pinterest searching Easter cakes so many ideas! Saw a few I liked and thought that I could attempt. I decided to take  ideas from a few different cakes.

Challenges for this cake were going to be:
1- Covering cake in fondant, this would be my first attempt.
2- Bunny rabbit figurine.
3- Banner bunting, this was actually extremely easy.

So lets start with the last but easiest challenge Banner Bunting.
To make this I bought some scrapbook alphabet stickers and some paper straws. So easy all I had to do was fold scrapbooking paper to 1/2 inch deep and cut out triangles big enough for size if alphabet stickers. Stick on letters and thread onto some embroidery thread or two toned string use scrapbook adhesive to glue down the two triangles. This keeps them from moving about.
I used a pin to drill holes into tops of straws and then thread through embroidery thread.

Looks like this when finished.

The bunny was a lot easier than I thought but the challenge turned out to be getting the proportions right. Which I am not sure I mastered by hey I'm still learning. I used this tutorial from good old Youtube. As with my Fireman Dave figurine for Williams cake I used Tylose powder to harden the fondant, using some of the tricks I learnt from Artisan Cakes tutorial I made the belly and let it dry for a couple of hours to really harden so that his wee head didn't squash him flat. His ears were the another challenge as they were to be stuck on what I think is upside down, but once it was finished I could see why it was done this way.

And here he is.

My first and  challenge covering the cake was definitely my biggest challenge. I watched at least 10 different videos on how to cover a cake and I felt confident until I was in the middle of doing it. So I ended up with a few folds and rips, using kiwi ingenuity I covered up 😄 with some decorations. I think I went wrong with a couple a things, a) I rolled the fondant too thin. b) I worked it too much and took too long causing it to dry out. And (which I learnt later at a class) c) I smoothed the fondant down rather than up. But making other decorations gave me more practise and covers up wee issues.

The finished product.

Happy Easter William!

The mistake cover up decorations.

It's about now where I find myself thinking, "Who's birthday is next"

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  1. I love the bunny! And the bunting! Oh and I really love the detail around the side, it makes it extra special!