Saturday, 4 July 2015

Babushka Dolls

I was in a cake baking mood and I was making some cakes for another project "All Buttoned Up" so while the oven was on I decided to try out my Babushka cake pan that I have had for a very long time but never used. I love all things Babushka, I guess it's all the bright colours and patterns.
So armed with my new favourite Wilton product "Cake Release" I greased up my cake pan and filled it with some cake batter. I wasn't sure how much it would rise so I filled them 3/4 full which gave me 5 Babushka's to work with.

So impressed with the "Cake Release" not a crumb left in the pan, up until now I had just been using my Rice bran oil spray, but while shopping online at the The Cake Shop I found the "Cake Release" and decided to give it ago and now I wont use anything else.

They over flowed a little so I more than probably could have done all six, a lesson learnt for next time.

I hadn't thought about it too much I just assumed I would use buttercream and using a very small piping tip. Buttercream was probably not the best move and when I have mastered the art of flooding with royal icing I will try again. Using the royal icing means I can do more complex patterns. The buttercream was very thick and made the dolls look a bit frightening, it also seem the "First Pancake" rule also applies to Babushka cakes. I threw the first one out I tell you, you will thank me for not taking a picture as she currently haunts my dreams at night.I don't want anyone else to suffer the same fate.

So lesson from my "First Pancake" I didn't fill the faces of the other four. I drew the outlines with the buttercream, filled it in and then used my small spatula to smooth it out, was pretty tough cause even though it is small it was really to big. I also found that the buttercream couldn't be played with too much or it would pull off the cake. So not an overall success but lots of lessons learnt for the next time.

And here they are.

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  1. They look awesome! I love the "first pancake" phrase lol. That happens to me every time!