Saturday, 6 February 2016


The second cake I made for Sophie, cause big girls need more than one cake, was a "Smash" cake and I thought the best thing her would be a giant cupcake, fairly easy to make and looks really effective, I had made one of these before and really enjoyed making it so was excited to make it again while at the same time trying to get it to look different. I decided to give my Wilton Colour Swirl coupler another try but this time I would use it with 3 colours, pink, purple and yellow. I also wanted to make a wee Badger figurine as badgers are very special to my sister and her husband and one of Sophie's nicknames is Badgelet. 

I used Wiltons Vibrant Green Candy Melts for the Patty case of the cupcake, and using what I learnt last time I made this cake I used the Fridge rather than the freezer to cool between coats and once I brought it out of the fridge I waited for it to come up to room temperature before adding the next coat. I did still get one crack not sure where that one came from but I didn't worry too much as it was going to be a "Smash" cake.

After baking the cake, one half at a time, I cooled them and then cut down the bottom part of the cupcake so that it would fit into the chocolate patty case. The cake recipe I used this time was a devils food but a different to my normal and it didn't rise as much so it wasn't quite as tall as the patty case but this was alright as I needed a layer of butter cream to stick the top of the cupcake on anyway. I tried to match the butter cream to the Vibrant Green candy melts using Wilton Lemon Yellow and Leaf Green. Then I crumb coated the top layer. and into the fridge to set overnight this time as I was running out of time.

I worked on the Badger figurine while the crumb coating was setting, try as I did I couldn't find any tutorials for a fondant Badger so instead I just had to make it up from looking at pictures but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, I also gave her a "Thug life" hair ribbon as Sophie often wears these.

On the morning of the party I got my 3 colours of butter cream ready and into my piping bags, sadly I was all out of my 20" piping bags so again I was dealing with small piping bags so I could only put a small amount of icing in and had to keep refilling it, however the Colour Swirl Coupler did work much better using it with 3 colours rather than the 2 colours I tried last time. Every now and then I would rotate the colours within my hand so that a different colour would be more predominant. I piped roses again using the Wilton 1M piping tip and I filled any empty spaces with a straight on angle and just piped a small amount of icing, I also then went around the under edge of the cake and piped under there as well.

Then it was time to add the badger and the all important number 1 candle.

I  had wanted to make Sophie a "Smash" cake so she could just dig in of course being the perfect little lady she didn't quite dig in as expected but rather very delicately with her fingers she slid them into the icing and into her mouth and then the big smile came across her face. Then she looked at her mother and said "Mum seriously this is good stuff can we have this every day?"

So the cake didn't quite end up "Smashed" however all the kids enjoyed wiping all the icing off lets face it that's always the best part.