Monday, 14 March 2016


This cake was for my dear grandmother, who although likes many different flowers the Peony is one of her favourites, knowing this I especially bought a Peony cutter for her cake, as this was the first time for me attempting a peony I went for the all in one cutter set as I have been told it is easier. You can find the tutorial I used here.

To make the peony I cut out a few of each size of the cutters and I used my smallest ball tool to soften the edges. I need to get a larger flower pad as I just have the small Wilton one and for these larger flowers its just not big enough and I had to keep moving the petal on and off. After frilling the edges I used various sized Glasses and mugs with tin foil in the top of them to use as shapers. (Note to self I must buy some shaping cups) With the centre petal I closed it in tight, the same as shown in the video tutorial. I placed all the different petals inside and let them dry over night.

 I just wanted to make a small cake for my grandmother as I guessed she would probably not eat the cake and there was more than enough cake to go around with all the other cakes, I used my new Fat Daddios 6" pan, after the caked had cooled I levelled it and then sliced it into 2 tiers using my Wilton Cake Leveller. I iced the layers together and crumb coated the cake and placed in fridge to set. After setting I got my fondant ready to cover the cake, I used the same pink as with Emily's 2 cakes.

Before I made up the peony I dusted the edges with lustre dust concentrating the colour more so on the smaller petals and centre of the flower.

I didn't end up using all the petals as some did not quite fit into each other, but the flower looks full anyway. The night before when I set the petals to dry I placed a piece of floral wire in the very centre petal. Then when it was time to attach the petals together I threaded them together on the floral wire, this meant that I could attach the flower to the cake securely using the wire. I am not convinced that the flower looks like a peony, and as I was up late making these things the overnight portion was not as long as normal so the petals weren't quite as dry as I would like and that's why the bottom petals wilted a bit, but I do think it looks lovely anyway. Although I do wish I could have matched the lustre dust to the fondant better.

As predicted my grandmother wouldn't let anyone cut or eat the cake and she took it home with her, I just hope that she eats the cake and enjoys it.

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