Saturday, 12 September 2015

Pink Ladies

My two very best friends flew from Auckland and from Australia to be with me on my birthday it had been a long time since we had been all together, it's pretty hard going from seeing each other all the time and always sharing our birthdays together, to living so far away. To celebrate and to thank my dear friends for flying to see me I decided to make the 3 of us each a special cake so we could celebrate our birthdays together although it was rather late for Lisa and rather early for Sian.

The idea for sians cake I have had for a while now and I have always wanted to make it for her birthday as she loves Grease. But I never had the chance to make it for her.

I tried to do research but I couldn't find any Pink Ladies Jacket cakes so instead I had to search jackets and just go from there. All the jackets I could find were of the front so I had to improvise, if I were to make it again I would find a way to add sleeves so there is no doubt it's a jacket.

After crumb coating I used a new trick I had seen on Pinterest using a fondant smoother and a baking paper to smooth the buttercream crumb coating.

You place the baking paper and rub with the smoother and it gets it nice and smooth so there are no marks after you lay down the fondant.

Next step was to lay the fondant down, this time around because I wanted a really rich pink I bought pre-coloured fondant.

I used my Wilton Ribbon Cutter to cut a band for the collar of the jacket and the waistband.
I used a Shell fondant tool to create lines for texture.

I glued the waistband on flat, but for the collar I used one of my son old bottle lids to give it some shape and a 3D effect.I left it there until the fondant had dried.

Lastly I used Wilton Black icing with a small piping tip to do the writing. I googled Pink Ladies font printed it out and then traced  onto the fondant and then I went over it with the black icing.

Pretty happy with the end result. But I still think that next time it will need sleeves.

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