Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I was looking back at my previous #WILTONLOVE posts in particular my wish list and thought I would let you all know how I got on with my wishs. Sadly I didn't quite get all the things on my wish list last year but I did get some and here is what I thought of them.

My number 1 Wish was a Wilton Practise board this is to practice different piping techniques and piping nozzles and can you believe I have had this for quite a while now and I haven't even used them yet, how busy life gets and practising got pushed aside, but I have officially added this to my New Years Resolutions as a to do, perhaps this weekend coming, ever hopeful for a weekend that is pain free and free enough to practise, but I will make it happen, I can at least tick it of my "To Buy" list.

Sadly number 2 The Wilton Colour Right System is still not available in New Zealand, so unless Wilton decide to send me one to try out, this one will have to wait a little bit longer, maybe if I cross my fingers really tight it might become available in New Zealand this year.

Number has become a new favourite of mine, I love it to pieces and can't believe that I went so long with it, The Wilton Decorating Bag Holder, so great to have when you are using multiple colours or piping tips, but now I even use it even if I am only using one colour because its great to have it standing on the bench letting gravity take over, plus there is the added bonus that it matches all my other purple Wilton gear and looks great in the pictures. Yes this definitely needs to be added to the favourites.

Number 4 the Wilton Bake Even Strips, can you believe that these to have eluded me this year, every time I go to purchase them they are out of stock, and every time I go to make a cake I curse that I haven't checked to see if they are back in stock, I am pretty sure Mummy brain is with you for life not just pregnancy. So these will also stay on my wish list, but I now have hubby on board and also wanting me to get them as he has been in the kitchen quite a bit these holidays making cakes with our son and leaving Mummy out and I explained to him what they do, he says to me "So why haven't you got them yet?" Perhaps he will be able to remind me next time I do an order.

Number 5 Wilton Colour Swirl I got this just before Christmas when I topped up some supplies, but it wasn't actually until earlier this week that I got to use it, desperately craving something sweet I decided to make some cupcakes, I had some butter cream left overs in the freezer and decided to use these, here's the thing I only had 2 different colours and not 3, but this was OK because I had watched the Youtube clip of this many of times and I had seen that you can use just 2 colours. All set up and ready to go, sadly this hasn't yet lived up to my expectations, its was quite difficult holding the two bags and squeezing the frosting out with out it coming out the top end, so first recommendation it to not use the piping bags that come with the Colour Swirl set but use larger ones at least 20" and the second unforeseen problem was because I was only using 2 colours and there is no "blank cap" to cover the 3rd section of the coupler icing also came out of there as well so this was an incredibly messy job, I did watch the Youtube clip again and although they don't show just using 2 colours they do say you can, but to be honest I don't see any way around it, I will try again with the 3 colours and for this I am sure it will work, but I'll let you know. Overall quite disappointed with this, although this may only be $3.99 in America I had to pay about $20.00 in New Zealand so quite expensive especially when it doesn't live up to expectations.

Number 6  The Wilton Cake Marker this is still on the wish, so far other things that I have deemed more important at that time have gone into my shopping cart first, but it is something the I still want, I do have a couple of the soft Wilton Measuring tapes and they are great but as much as I try I still don't quite get it level the whole way round the cake. So when this finally does make it into my cart I know I will use it a lot.

Number 7 was the Wilton Icing Smoother, why of why haven't I got this yet? I have bought cheaper brands and whilst they are pretty good they don't come as long as the Wilton one so you can't just do one swipe and I find the more you work with frosting whether its the crumb coating or the top coat the worse it gets you really need to do one clean swipe which is what the Wilton version allows you to do and lets face it the cheaper options don't match there is no purple handle and what does one do when ones decorating tools don't match? Well most people are fine but I go googoo gaga So this remains on my wish list for now. Perhaps I just need to do an order of all wish list items.

Number 8 the Wilton Turn-N-Tilt turntable, this beauty wow yes sadly she is still on my wish list again not available in New Zealand, come on Wilton I love you make all your products available to me please, I did get another version of this and I do love it to pieces, however there is one thing I can't really understand, the top of it is covered in a felt like substance, now I am guess this is for non slip purposes and that most people put a cake on a board straight away and then go about decorating it but I do the opposite I like to have my cake boards clean and the best way to achieve this I have found is to put the cake on the board at the last possible time and once it has been decorated so although I love and do use this turntable I go through alot more cake boards and I find I now have to decorate on one and then have a fresh one for when the cake is finished otherwise you get frosting and cake all over the top and Im not sure how I would go about cleaning this.

How did I do? Well I got 3 out of my 8 products on the wish list almost 50% and I think thats pretty good considering 2 of these items are still not available in New Zealand. I guess that leaves only only 6 items on my wish list I might need to create another one? I could really make an endless list as they keep coming up with great products I want to try.

One day when the kids are all grown up and I am old and Grey, Older and Greyer I guess, and Hubby and I make our way to America I will take an empty suitcase and bring it back full of Wilton.

A year later and still I still have #WILTONLOVE.

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