Monday, 1 June 2015

It's time to get organised!

I have been quite busy on Pinterest looking at different cake decorating tools and ways to store them getting organised neat ways to display sprinkles and having everything you need all together, while we have some storage spots in the house I am a self proclaimed Hoarder so as much storage as we have a have twice as much "Loved treasures" aka crap so any ideas I can get on organising chaos and maximising your space I jump at. I have been slowly gathering more and more tools for cake decorating and just been stashing them in my hall cupboard without really thinking about being organised with it.

My dream way to organise would be this which I found on Pinterest.

But of course this is an American Shop. 

I did some more research and found this (above) got very excited and then realised it was from Walmart. I love living in New Zealand I really do but every now and then like when I want one of the latest Wilton supplies or something like this I get sad that we don't live in America and don't have the variety of products they do. I had my sulk and then moved on to what I could do.  I went down to ware house and bought some plastic containers and some glass jars.

Then I got everything out of my cupboard put it on the bench and got to work.
I used the wee glass jars to put all my different sprinkles in.

I used one of the plastic containers for all my piping nozzles and my piping bags.

I used a set of 3 stationary draws for all my cookie cutters.

I used a large plastic Store Box from good Kmart to store all of my Cake pans.

 I used a couple of other plastic containers for misc items and now it all fits neatly onto 11/2 shelves.

Not quite the look I was after but it works.

When designing our kitchen this is what I wanted for the cupboard above my fridge. When I talked to the kitchen designer she informed me it would be a complete waste and I would never use it because its too high. Well let me tell you I regret not getting it and will definitely have it in my next house.

While my OCD brain dreams of matching containers I am some what happy with it now, and have told my husband in the next house we need a butlers pantry with 1 side dedicated to all my lovely cake decorating tools all in matching containers all lined in a row and after all at least all my sprinkle jars match.


  1. love this!!! let me know if you see anything on the ikea website and i will try and and get my hands on it and bring it over next time. ikea is only walking distance from my house :)

  2. Walking distance what a dream I would love that :) Thanks I'll have a look and let you know thanks!