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#WILTONLOVE cause I love Wilton!!!! Part 1

I love Wilton they are greats  for not only products but also Ideas. You can visit their website here but they are also on Pinterest here they also have a blog you can follow here, yip I love Wilton, Love Love Love. Sadly in New Zealand you can't get their full range, my favourite Cake supply shop is The Cake Shop which is in Pukekohe and where I have gotten most of my Wilton products from amongst various other products. I recently found that spotlight has a very big range of wilton but not everything. Anyway today I have a list of my 10 favourite Wilton products and look out for part 2 which is my Wilton wish list.

Wilton products I love!

Number One

My number one Wilton product you may think is strange but if you know me you will get it.
Its the Wilton Icing colour organiser. A brilliant wee container to store your food colouring pastes all neat and tidy. and if you are like me yours will be colour co-ordinated.

Number 2

Closely related to my number one is the Wilton colours. The range is huge and I alway get just the shade I am wanting. I have a great wee collection so far but my favourite is the Kelly Green.

Number 3

My Wilton Roll-N-Cut Mat. The best way to use is to wipe your bench down with a damp cloth and then it stick and wont shift about. It had a grid pattern to it so you can make straight cuts and it has printed circles so you know the size to roll out for what sized cake. I use it so everything from cutting out shapes to rolling my fondant, it is especially handy for keeping you fondant round when rolling incase your are like me and when to try to roll a circle you roll and odd looking oval.

Number 4

My Wilton Easy Layers 6" Cake Pans. What a fantastic idea who came up with this??? You get 5 wee cake pans you can equally divide your cake batter into and no mess or fuss trying to cut even layers once they are baked. I first used these to make a rainbow cake when my Nieces and Nephew were down visiting. 

Number 5

Number 5 is new to my baking cupboard but I have been wanting one for a while now it's the Wilton Twist Quick Coupler Set. Using this means you can quickly and easily change your piping tip without a fuss or a mess and using the same icing and same piping bag. Its also comes with a wee cap which means it keeps the icing nice until you are ready to use it, especially handy if like me you prepare your icing early.

Number 6

Though I have not quite mastered number 6 yet it is still one of my favourite and again how smart is Wilton to think of it. you get a set of 3 pans and an ingenious wee plastic divider, this wee divider means you can pour 3 different colours or 3 different flavours into one cake pan each pan you do a different order of the colours/flavours and then they are baked and staked you end up with a checker board effect so simple. Note I did make a mistake when trying this pan for the first time, my cake batter was a little to thick and meant when I pulled my divider out the cake batter stuck and lifted meaning it didn't stay in its place naughty cake batter this made the checker a little wonky and in one. But it's all a learning curve and next time I know ill do better with my fantastic pan.

Number 7

Wilton Smart Fondant Ribbon Cutter not surprisingly this cuts ribbons in fondant. It is again another fantastic product and you can do so much with it. It comes with 3 different "Blades" with 4 of each design and 3 different spacer options meaning you can make different width ribbons. It's very easy to use and easy to change the "Blades" or Spacers. I even use it if I just want to create a sharp straight edge all I do is just use 1 Blade.

Number 8

Wilton Whitener strange concept to most probably because you probably think if you want white icing just don't add colour, however if you use butter in your butter cream icing like I do then you you will know that the icing comes out at a pale yellow or cream which no matter how hard you beat you will never get it to white. I bought it not really knowing what to think or how it would work and it was awesome I only needed to use a wee bit and as I mixed it in like magic I saw but butter cream turning white Love it because to be honest I am not yet brave enough to try shortening in my icing I find the idea rather sickening but I will try it at some stage when I get brave.

Number 9

If you are like me you probably have at least 5 Fondant smoothers, first I bought one online and then it took too long to arrive so I needed to buy another and then... well lets just leave it at the fact that I now have fondant smoothers coming out of my ears. So having tried many different smoothers I didn't think the Wilton one would be that different, why did I buy it then you ask, Well for the simple fact that it is white and purple and matches all my other wilton products. How surprised was I the first time i used it, it out ranked every other brand of smoother I had tried the handle is so comfortable and fits very nicely in your hand and this simple fact makes it so much more efficient and your cakes so much smoother I love it and if I see it for sale again I will buy at least another 2 incase anything happens to my one, well you never know.

Number 10

Number 10 is a little bit of a cheat as it has multiple products in it. It is the Wilton Fondant and Gum Paste Decorating Set. I got given this as a gift and I love it!!!!! Firstly and probably most important to me how awesome is this container!! I love that all the Wilton products match really puts my OCD brain at peace. What is great about this container is although it comes full with tons of products you can still fit other items in there, this means when I am doing a cake I really only need to grab this out of the cupboard and a couple of other items. The best thing about this container you can't see on the picture but the lid can be stacked underneath the entire container, you just take the lid off and then place container on top, fabulous I can't even tell you, when space is an issue and lets face it it always is the more space we can save the better.

These are my top 10 products of all the Wilton stuff I have, hopefully this time next year I will have some of the products off my wish list and I may need to re visit my top 10 but for now I leave you with this, probably the most important thing....


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