Monday, 8 June 2015

Checkerboard my new wilton tin - Epic Fail

I was so excited when I ordered this from The Cake Shop I had been dreaming about making this cake. What colours would I use, How would I decorate it, Fondant or buttercream. I was needless to say extremely excited when it arrived. i had no party even or anything that I could use this cake for but I couldn't wait any longer for an occasion to arise. So I unpacked it and read the instructions.

Its comes with 3 pans and a wee divider that you place in 1 cake pan at a time and pour in the colours one at a time and each cake pan you change the colours around so each colour has been poured in the outer circle, middle and inner circle. Key word in the instructions "POUR" remember this word.

I made up 3 batches of cake batter a new recipe I had never tried better and pan by pan I spooned in the mixture, I had intended to pour the cake batter it but my batter was so thick pouring was not an option. When I finished with the first cake pan I went to pull out the divider this is when i knew something had gone wrong and the cake was not going to work the cake batter pulled up with the divider and this meant that the colours weren't where they were supposed to be but I was hopeful the it would work. Here is what it looked like. not the 3 extra pans at the back the instructions called for 3 batches of cake batter but I found with my recipe I had quite a bit left over so I put them into my Wilton Easy Layers pans to make another cake.

As you can see they weren't in perfect circles anymore.

This is what they looked like after they had baked and been dethroned  (Had the crown cut off)

I out them aside to cool, once cool I stacked them up with Buttercream between the layers, and for the first time I piped a "dam" on each layer which is just an outline around the inner circumference, then you fill it in with buttercream this prevents the buttercream oozing out and therefore keeps the layers even, a trick I learnt fro watching Cake Boss. While they were cooling I had decided on plain buttercream and that I would try out some different piping tips. I set aside 3 small amounts on butter cream to colour later.

Then I crumb coated and put in the fridge to set, by this cake I am getting much better at crumb coating which I am glad as this is such an important stage.

Once the crumb coat had set I was ready for the outer layer of buttercream. This went on quite well as the crumb coating was nicely set. I then used my 5" Spatula and pressed down lightly on cake while I spun my turn table to create an effect in the icing. I did the same on the top as well. I piped a border on the bottom of the cake just using a round tip. Then with the 3 bowls of buttercream I set aside earlier and I coloured them with the same colours I used for the cake batters and filled up 3 different piping bags with 3 different tips. Then in horizontal lines I piped small spots in each colour and on the top as well in one circle. My horizontal lines weren't quite level, I still need to buy a cake marker to help out with this.

This was the end result.

Then it was time to cut into the cake and see if it worked.

Whoops not quite what I expected. Hello Epic Fail, but to be fair I had suspected this was going to happen, but it's all a learning experience so I don't mind, next time I know I need to have a thinner batter. I am excited to try it again!

Want a slice?

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