Monday, 1 June 2015

Leibster Award - For a newbie

To this I am completely new but I have a done a little research as to what I need to do.

Leibster Awards

How it works...
(I have  stolen this text from Sarah who stole is from Faye)
  -1- Make sure you mention the lovely person that nominated you - CHECK
-2- List 10 facts about yourself if you so wish - CHECK
-3- Answer the questions that you were bestowed by that lovely person who nominated you
-4- Nominate some lovely bloggers for the award
-5- Create 11 questions for those love bloggers mentioned above
-6- Make sure that you let those lovely nominees know about it so that they can tag along if they want to! No pressure at all to get involved, but you are definitely worth a mention for one reason or another :)

I was nominated by my favourite sister Sarah over at Oh The Things I Think and great blog she started when she was abroad all about her adventures and travel and most recently her adventure as a new mum. It was a great way for my family and I to catch up with her and share in all of her adventures.

Here she is with my beautiful niece Sophie.

10 Fact about ME.

1. I have a fantastic Husband who I couldn't love anymore than he loves me.
2. I have 2 Super Fantastic Children both born on the super lucky St Patricks day William who turned 2 this year and my newest Emily who was born this year.
3.I LOVE being creative in all ways my latest outlet has been Cake Decorating

This was my first cake for Williams 1st birthday

4. I have a fantastic OCD brain basically I just loves things to match and I love Symmetry.
5. I love Converse shows especially new new Yellow Pair

6. My favourite colours are Bright Pink, Orange, Green and just recently I have been in love with Yellow.
7. I love horses and riding sadly I don't get to go as often as I like and after an unfortunate accident with my 2 best friends which I think has put them off forever I am not I now have anyone to go with.
8. I just bought myself a beautiful new mixer in Pink (Sadly Yellow was out of stock)

9. I love Dogs, growing up I was always a cat person but after having our first dog Rufus I have been hooked. My favourite Dogs/Horses as my husbands calls them are Great Danes and Newfoundlands

Blue Great Dane

10.  For some unknown reason I overuse Capital letters and put then where they don't BeLonG.

Sarah's Questions

What is your favorite holiday period?
Without a doubt CHRISTMAS  I am absolutely CHRISTMAS MAD - Can you tell

My Christmas tree

Tea or coffee?
Peppermint Tea

If you were a cupcake, what flavour would you be?
Peanut Butter cause I'm a little Nutty

What is your life theme song?
"I am always here" The Baywatch theme song 

Oh Yes I totally Love him always have

What is your favorite spot in the whole world?
Cuddles with hubby

What is one thing you have ticked off your bucket list?
Travelling to Europe

Who would play you in a movie about yourself?
A very hard question as I an so unique not sure anyone could really pull "ME" off

If you had an all-expenses-paid holiday, where would you go?
#Heritage #Scottishpride #Family

Sweet or Savoury?
Sweet Just like me

Toughest thing about blogging?
Trying to get some quiet time to write without children or husband needing something

What got you into blogging?
My wonderful big sister and my love of cake decorating.


And my questions if you would like to play along!

1.Sunshine or Rain? Why?
2.Who is your favourite Disney "Prince" Why?
3.PC or Mac
4. Favourite cake flavour?
5. Do you really like Vegetable? I mean really? Come on?
6. If you could meet anyone who would you meet and why? (Living or gone)
7.If your life was a TV show which would it be?
8.Whats brings you peace? Chills you out?
9.Which Spice girl were you? You know you were one.
10. Favourite 90s Song?

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  1. Haha I love this! great answers and great new questions. And I love your new hashtags lol