Monday, 8 June 2015

Rarity- My little pony Happy 3rd Birthday Lily

My niece was going to be down here for her 3rd birthday (While visiting Nana and Grandad with the rest of her family) and her new love besides the ever popular "Frozen" is "My Little Pony" and a horse/unicorn called "Rarity"? I dunno it's all new to me. Any how I knew that the cake was all organised thanks to Grandad the fabulous pastry chef  but I wanted to make her a wee "Rarity" cake topper, I of course haven't watched "My Little Pony" since the eighties so I had to do a bit of research and let me tell you it has most definitely changed since then. This time around Pinterest didn't have much to offer so it was just down Google and Youtube.

I found a polymer clay tutorial here on Youtube which was very helpful, although I was making my "Rarity" quite a bit bigger and out of fondant rather than the polymer clay, so I came across a couple of issues. Mainly when it came to the mane and tail as polymer clay is lighter  and also has a wee bounce to it and fondant is almost a complete opposite so I had to improvise but I am pretty happy with how she came out. 

I also made a few butterflies to add to her cake and her cut out her name as well.

We all know how honest children can be so I was a wee bit nervous when I went around to the party and was trying to hide "Her" from the kids but my clever little Nephew was the first to see her and was like "Oooooo look a Rarity for Lily" phew I guess she looks like she is meant to. First test passed.

Grandad had made a beautiful cake with delicious Italian Meringue Icing in "Rarity" colours and let me tell you it tasted amazing, and looked beautiful! We added "Rarity" to the top and she looked pretty good up there. Lily was thrilled, even though "Rarity didn't have her wings on today." First freak out, What I didn't see any bloody wings in my research!! But as Lily said "Well Rarity will just have to walk today" Double Phew she was still happy. So I was really glad.

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily! Glad you were down her so we could share in your birthday.


  1. Looks awesome dude. I'm so impressed! The hair looks really cool.
    What did you find hardest about this design?

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