Monday, 1 June 2015

#WILTONLOVE Part 2 My Wilton Wish List


Number 1

This has perhaps been on my wish list the longest. I found it one day while going through the Wilton website as I do every so often to check out new products. This is the Wilton Deluxe Practise Board. Inside are wee sheets with different piping techniques, so you can set up a piping bag and practise and then just wipe it clean. how fantastic!! I have wanted this for well over a year but sadly these are not available in New Zealand. Wilton does ship to New Zealand but also sadly the postage just makes it out of my reach.

Number 2

This is pretty new to Wilton it is the Wilton Colour Right system, basically the idea is you can colour your cake batter, fondant, butter cream Royal icing anything and they will all be the exact same shade no more guessing adding in little nits at a time and then over colouring something.  It comes with 8 base colours that you can mix together and make pretty much any colour you want, don't forget if you get creative write down your "recipe" so that next time you want the same colour you'll know exactly how to get it.Again not available in New Zealand let but hopefully it will be soon and I will be getting my hands on it!
You can watch a video on it it here

Number 3

The Wilton Decorating Bag Holder, now I have seen some over copy cat version of this but they definitely stack up. For starters and most importantly it is beautiful and matches my baking cupboard.  But seriously this offers so much more than the others. The legs are solid and come with a grip on each which will prevent this from slipping all over your work surface. It also holds 6 bags rather than than 4 so more colours or tips. There is also a convenient wee spot for Flower nails you can set them there until you are ready to use them. I have just recently found this in New Zealand at Spotlight so this is on my purchasing list and as soon as I get one i'll be able to tell you just how fantastic I know that it will be .

Number 4

Number 4 has also been on my list for awhile and strangely it is available in New Zealand at The Cake Shop but every time I do my shopping I always forget to add this to my cart, hopefully after writing this down I it will be embedded into my brain and I will remember. The are called Bake Even Strips and they stop your cake from rising high in the centre, cracking on the top and the worst over cooked edges. All you have to do is wet the strips and wrap them around your cake pans. Best thing is you don't have to level your cake, meaning no wastage but best of all your cake is intact so no crumbs all over you bench and in your icing making crumb coating easier.

Number 5

Wilton Colour Swirl, 3 piping bags into 1 coupler oh imagine the possibilities! As soon as I can find these in New Zealand I'm definitely getting some and the first thing I want to try is White Lilac and rose pink with 1M Piping tips to make roses I can imagine it now and it makes me want this even more!

Number 6

Wilton Cake Marker a really simple one but how great. This really would have come in handy when I was icing my checker board cake I was trying out 3 different piping tips in 3 different colours and I didn't quite get them all level, it wasn't too bad considered I did it eye balling but I like things even and level so would have loved this and i can see how you can use it for so many different things I just need to find a New Zealand supplier

Number 7

Wilton Icing Smoother, again another simple one, but I can never get my buttercream completely smooth with just a spatula so I would love one of these. Plus the added bonus with the purple handle that it matches.

Number 8

My number 8 and final, well for this list at least, The Wilton Turn-N-Tilt turntable, again it matches all the other Wilton products a big selling point for me, but the best thing is the tilt action, I have a couple of turntables and they are fantastic for so many things not just icing, I also use it for my figurines, but the tilt what a great concept especially as pictured above for drop lines . So after I have practised on my Deluxe Practise board then I can make a cake and use the tilt for my piping work.

These are just 8 amazing products from Wilton it was hard to pick just 8 but these are items I have been wanting for awhile, as soon as they become available in New Zealand and I am so hopeful that they will I will purchase and review them and let you know how I go. Go check out Wilton and tell me your top picks.

Until then everyone LOVE WILTON! Just like I do.

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